We are the official UK distributor of Optima steamers. Any steamers purchased directly through us come with a standard one year warranty. Please note that we can only honour warranty if your machine was purchased from us rather than from elsewhere, e.g. a used machine from a private seller.

We recommend you service it once a year to keep it in the best condition, and also to reduce fuel consumption and efficiency, this will save you money in the long run. You can book a service appointment with us and one of our technicians will service your machine for you.

Diesel steamers only need single phase power supply, perfect for vans that are used for cleaning or mobile car valeting. As you just need a generator to power the steamer. Electric steamers will need a three phase power supply.

A single-phase supply is smaller than a three-phase supply. A typical house has a single-phase supply whilst a larger house, flats or commercial building has a three-phase supply.

The way to tell what supply a property has is by looking at the fuse on the service head. Single-phase has one 100amp fuse while a three phase supply has three 100amp fuses.

More information about single vs three phase power supply can be found here

Yes you can. Steam is perfect for cleaning vehicle interiors, and can clean different type of surfaces such as vinyl, leather or upholstery. It cleans and disinfects the vehicle interior in 1 without using any harsh chemicals that damage the vehicle interior. It also uses a lot less time and water than conventional cleaning methods.

Optima steamer was first introduced to the market in 1991 and has been in the market for almost 28 years. The steamers are designed with operator safety in mind. There are multiple safety features that protect both the operator(s) and the steamer. Safety features include pressure and temperature control switches, water and fuel level sensors, pressure release valve, LED indicators, alarm, non-return check valves, and the water pump is preset with a maximum run time to prevent overheating/dry run.

We recommend operator always follow the standard procedure, and wear protective clothing such as gloves when using the machine.

The diesel steamers have a higher evaporation rate, although the performance of each model varies, diesel steamers generally have a better performance than electric ones. Electric steamers can be powered by electricity only and doesn’t require any fuel, e.g. diesel. However you will need access to three phased electricity for an electric steamer.