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Official UK Distributor

Purchase your Optima Steamer™ directly from GoBob, the official distributor for SJE Corporation in South Korea. We have all the latest machines and accessories in stock. Our store is in Greenford in North West London, just off the A40 and 20 minutes drive from Heathrow Airport.

Meet the Optima Steamer™

We offer various Optima Steamermodels to suit almost any cleaning and sanitising needs. From mobile car cleaning, or equipment and commercial cleaning, to beverage and food service sanitisation. Our steamers can help your business run smarter and grow faster.

Servicing Centre

It’s important to service your machines regularly to keep it in top condition as this maximises its operational efficiency and will save you costs long term. Call us to book a machine servicing appointment today.

All-in-one vehicle detailing solution

One of the most popular industrial steamers in the car detailing and repair industry. Optima Steamer cleans the exterior and interior of a car with just 5 litres of water. Zero wastage water keeping the ground clean and dry. Steam kills 99.9% of the bacteria and germs. Perfect for cleaning dirty and soiled car seats, engine bays and hard-to-reach areas.